Samsung W2018 hands-on video leaked before scheduled launch

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There’s not a lot of manufacturers left in the market that still continue to produce flip phones to this day. Samsung is one of the few companies that still produce flip phones with updated specs and they’ve been doing this for quite a few years now.

Samsung has a W series of Clamshell flagship smartphones where it releases a phone every year named as “W-followed by the year). Last year they came up with W2017 which was essentially a Galaxy S device with an extra display and keypad attached.

This year, they’re supposed to release W2018, or atleast announce it and seems we’ve also got a date for it. According to this tweet, Samsung has planned to launch its upcoming flagship device on December 1 at Xiamen, China. However, there’s no information of the pricing of the device as of yet.


The device is rumored to run on Andriod 6.0 featuring Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM and 64GB storage,12MP rear and 5MP front camera, all powered by a 2,300mAh battery. Prior to the launch, a hands-on video for W2018 has been leaked on the internet that shows the metal and glass build in all its glory. The device has a premium look and feel with the polished design on the outer body.  The dual 4.2inch Full HD display is a lot to be in a single phone, especially in a single phone since it adds the the overall thickness and makes the device bulky. The video shows all the physical features of the smartphone is detail.


As seen in the past, the SM-W2018 might stay exclusive to China forever. The lack of popularity of phones with this form factor should be the reason for not releasing it worldwide, and it’s good not to. If you’re one like me, hit by nostalgia of the 1990s, hold on till December 1 to find out more about the phone.