Huawei launches the 7X with a FullScreen Display.

Honor’s “X” series of phones has always toed a fine line in terms of hardware, feature set and price point. The Honor 5X was one of the first handsets to bring metal construction and fingerprint recognition to a cheaper price tier. And a year ago, the Honor 6X added a surprisingly competent dual camera rig to the experience.

As 2017 draws to a close, the Honor 7X makes things even more competitive. The new phone has been soft-announced announced today ahead of Honor’s full launch event on December 5, and assuming it keeps to a price point in line with its predecessors, it could be one of the most compelling sub-€300 phones we’ve seen.

The announcement materials did not specify which Android version this is running, but I’d guess it’s Nougat under EMUI 5.1. Since this is a Huawei phone, a lot of the focus is on the camera performance, both front and rear. The latter is touted as having clear nighttime performance, advanced depth-of-field effects, a portrait mode, and the ability to help you to “realize your dream to be a professional photographer.”

Specifications are :

Display 5.93″ 2160×1080 18:9
CPU Kirin 659
Storage 32GB/64GB
Cameras 16MP+2MP rear, 8MP front
Battery 3,340mAh
Colors Black, blue, gold


Honor isn’t announcing pricing details for the 7X until the December event, but considering the starting price of the 6X, and the hardware included in the new phone, you might expect a price comfortably within the sub-€300 ballpark.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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