OnePLus 5T will stick to Dash charging, won’t support Wireless charging.

OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 5T on November 16. Ahead of its unveiling – in New York City – OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared a couple of interesting tidbits about the company’s next smartphone. The OnePlus 5T, according to Lau won’t support wireless charging like the Apple iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This is because the company’s proprietary fast charging technology, called Dash Charging, is enough to give the wireless charging feature a thorough run for its money. Because a OnePlus phone – like the upcoming OnePlus 5T – can charge in a jiffy because of Dash Charging, it can live without wireless charging.

In a new blog post Lau confirms that OnePlus 5T will not come with wireless charging support. Instead the company feels that dash charging makes more sense at this point. Lau believes that wireless charging is an exciting concept, but dash charge is a much superior option for the time being. “Wireless charging is an exciting concept that’s matured a lot over the last few years. But given the current state of this technology, Dash Charge is still the superior choice,” writes Lau in a blog post.

Although Pete Lau didn’t directly talk about OnePlus 5T, here, he was surely indicating at the device. This also means that, as rumoured, OnePlus 5T will not see the coming of wireless charging support. Moreover, chances are, probably because Lau believes wireless charging technology has a lot of scopes to grow, the upcoming OnePlus phones may not wireless charging support anytime soon.

To use a wireless charger, the user can just set their phone on the surface and charge. This is nice in theory, but isn’t as simple as it sounds in practical, notes Lau. This is because when you use a wireless charger to power your phone, you can’t pick up your phone to game or take a photo or do anything else. But, that’s not the case with dash charger — you can simply plug-in and use you phone for anything and at anytime. “Given present-day infrastructures, wireless charging brings more limitations than freedom. Wireless charging pads, cases, tables, and lamps – these all add up if you want to charge on the go or outfit your home for true convenience, creating constraints for the user,” notes Lau.

Lau further writes that OnePlus phones will have wireless charging support, at the correct time. He believes that this — wireless technology has a lot of space to develope currently. “We’ll consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right. Until then, we’ll stick to Dash Charge,” notes Lau.

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Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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