Gameloft to stop support for 3 existing Windows Phone games

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Gameloft, following the ongoing ‘Windows Phone is dead’ trend is going to discontinue 3 of their popular games on Windows Phone. The news comes after the Twitter announcement by Microsoft.

Gameloft Community Manager posted the following in the Gameloft forums along with Dungeon Hunter 5 update announcement:

For Windows Phone users: Microsoft announced recently that they are discontinuing development of this platform. For that reason, we will not be able to keep creating updates for DH5 for Windows Phones, and we are giving Windows Phones users the possibility to switch to an iOS/Android/PC device. This action is irreversible, so please be sure of your choice.

It’s true, Microsoft’s primary focus isn’t Mobile platform anymore, and it won’t recieve anything more than security updates and bug fixes in the future. This leaves app developers with a dying platform that is not suitable anymore to invest resources in. Gameloft proabably sensed this already, but now with Joe Belfiore’s recent tweet they’ve called it quits.

Gameloft isn’t going to push any more updates for the follwing 3 games: Dungeon Hunter 5, and Sniper Fury for Windows Mobile and Modern Combat 5. IF you’ve been playing these games and want to transfer your progress to other platfrom (Andriod/iOS/Windows PC), you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install the game on your new iOS/Android/PC device and complete the tutorial.
  2. From the Windows Phone account you want to transfer, send a ticket to Customer Care (Gameloft icon in top left corner of the screen).
  3. Wait until you receive the Ticket Number linked to your case.
  4. From the NEW DEVICE, send the received ticket number in a NEW TICKET to Customer Care, with the message “I want to transfer my Windows Phone account to a new device”.
  5. Customer Care will handle the transfer of your progress to the new device, and your Windows Phone account will be erased.

Players move onto other platform, or atleast transfer your progress if they wish to return in future. It’s important to note that they’re only discontinuing updates for WIndows Phones, PC users are safe.

With what has become of Windows Phone, it would be interesting to see if Microsoft still invests in Surface Phone.