Cortana Integration for Skype now available for Android, iOS and Windows


Cortana, already known for her deep integration in various Microsoft apps be it Outlook or Invoke or Band. The new update to Skype takes it a step further and adds Cortana integration to the app.

Microsoft announced Cortana integration for Skype back in 2016 at Build conference and its finally here. Cortana will help you with reminders, restaurant and movie suggestions, weather, and facts and even suggest responses to chat. Of course, you can also talk to Cortana like normal if you wish to. To access Cortana you need to tap Cortana icon in the chatbox.

Cortana under Skype is just a bot, hence main Cortana app isn’t required to be installed on your device. You can add Cortana bot to your Contacts through this link. The update is out for iOS, Android and Windows (Preview users) only, Windows 10 users might have to wait a little longer.