Microsoft now lets you stream games from Android and iOS with Mixer


Microsoft is launching its Mixer Create app on iOS and Android today, allowing gamers to steam mobile games. Both apps will support mobile gameplay streaming, but there are some restrictions on the iOS side. Any games can be streamed from Android (just like YouTube or Twitch currently support), and games will need to support Apple’s ReplayKit to enable streaming from an iPhone. That means not every iOS game will work, but titles like Star Trek TimelinesGoat SimulatorInto the Dead, and Modern Combat 5: Blackout will all be supported.

In a blog post announcing the news, Mixer painted the app as not only an extension of the core function of broadcasting games but also as a social outlet, similar to something like Facebook Live.

“Heading to PAX? Going on an adventure? Waiting in line for the latest new game? With Mixer Create you can now go live from anywhere and share your experiences with your community in real-time,” says the blog post.

“From a product perspective, you’re going to see more interactive games,” Salsamendi said. “That’s the most obvious thing. As game developers, that’s a little bit of a longer lead there, but you’re going to start seeing more and more games supporting this stream-first functionality. We’re at the forefront of that, and we’re going to continue to be. Those are ways that I’m excited to see it expand.”