Best Apple Setup For Graphic Designers


Graphic design is extremely computer based. Whether you are just starting out in design school, or already have your own business, your computer setup will be a major factor in your work. While there is no one correct answer, there are apps for graphic designers that are geared to help. Here are just a few suggestions for a solid Apple design setup:

Screen Size: All modern Macs can handle the needs of a graphic designer; so, the major question comes down specifics like screen size. If you love working on a larger canvas, iMac 27” screen will make you very happy. The downside of a larger screen is a loss in portability. If you are going with the iMac 27” you’ll need a laptop or tablet backup to avoid being tied to a desk. If screen size is not an issue, the MacBook Pro can be an excellent investment.

Apps: Apple offers a variety of apps for graphic designers including Sketch, Adobe Illustrators CS 6 and Affinity designer. While you do have to pay for these apps, they are free to try. This allows you to check out new and different apps if your current setup is making you unhappy.

Ram and Storage: You should keep in mind that Apple will no longer allow you to add RAM or memory to a given unit. If you are nervous about spacing, ask before you buy. For memory, you do have the option of adding external hard drives but these can be fairly expensive.

Whether you are upgrading, or trying Apple for the first time, the best place to buy a Mac is from a certified Apple Store or Apple premier partner. You can also get great deals during back to school or holiday seasons on things like Macbook Pro accessories and other Apple products.