HMD Global Adds Nokia Camera App to the Play Store


Manufacturers often upload the custom apps needed for their phone to the Play Store so that they don’t have to Update their Apps via System updates.

The all New Android Phone by Nokia are pretty stock , which results in the ultimate user experience. But with some flaws. The default camera app provided by HMD Global lacks features like Panorama mode, Pro Mode, etc. which can be seen in almost all camera apps. Users are often using third party apps to cope up with these flaws, but HMD Global will push an update soon, it seems.

The current version of the app is v6.0080.07 and can be (obviously!) installed on Nokia Phones only. Users are complaining about the camera quality in the lower end Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 devices, so the app is just half baked but will have improving updates for sure.

You can download the app from below.

Developer: HMD Global
Price: Free