LG to unveil their new smartphone V30 at IFA 2017


We have been witnessing so many rumours about the upcoming LG flagship smartphone V30. It is a successor of the popular V20 and the company is expected to announce it at IFA 2017. We have received some of the leaked photos of the device and it reveals the design and features of the device.

Looks like LG V30 has a great design and it looks completely promising. V30 is going to be applied with a bezeless design just like G6 and have a totally different design compared to previous V series. V30 has a dual camera on the back and a second screen on the front. The broad display makes it more beautiful. However, the device appears to come with a secondary display as well.

V30 has 3,200mAh battery embedded in it, unlike detachable batteries that were used for previous V series. It is likely that LG Electronics decided to use such battery in order to apply IP68 waterproof and dustproof functions. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 will be used as a mobile AP (Application Processor), which is equivalent to a brain of a Smartphone.

We don’t have any confirmed details about the device. Stay tuned for more updates.