Microsoft Unveils New Skype Logo, Ditches the Iconic Cloud Design.

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Microsoft had unveiled a redesigned Skype earlier this Month and now, they have also given it an all new Logo. The new Skype logo ditches the age old cloud design in all aspects. “It’s not a complete redesign since the standalone ‘S’-in-bubbles monogram has been in use for quite a long time but more of a farewell to the full word ark-in-bubbles that far from being good, it was pretty atrocious actually and was remarkably recognisable.”

It’s a good move from Microsoft actually as it clearly ties Skype into the Microsoft Universe and puts it on the same level as its other productivity software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Skype doesn’t seem to be the old Danish startup it once was.

The new Skype logo animates Nicely between the Monogram and the Wordmark and adds a blissful context to the new app.


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