Microsoft announces expansion of the availability list of Surface Laptop color variants


With the announcement of their Surface Laptops, Microsoft announced that they will bring all of the four color options in the US market only. Still, it was available for the Intel Core i5/256GB models only. It was a bad news for the Surface enthusiasts in other nations. However, Microsoft now announced that they will make them available for 17 more markets too.

These are the color options of Surface Laptop:

  • Platinum is the Surface core, the heritage color. Anodization gives it new depths and life. It continues to make a timeless and bright statement.
  • Graphite Gold is the ultimate neutral. The shimmer in the metal and material bring a comforting glow.
  • Cobalt Blue has the depth you see in the sea or sky. It’s a color inspired by nature and feels bright yet natural.
  • Burgundy’s elegance stands out. The color shifts from soft rose to deep red as you move from day to night or from inside to out.

In the advertisement video released by Microsoft, the color options look really elegant and stunning. So this new announcement will surely attract some more customers for the device.