Deal alert: Now you can buy a Xbox One S for just $250


Just after the unveiling of their new generation ultimate Xbox devices, they announced a new offer for the Xbox One S devices. The original price of the Xbox One S is $300, but you can now buy it for just $250. That means you would be able to save up to $50 for the purchase of your new Xbox One S.

Xbox official Twitter handle announced this awesome news:


Microsoft originally said that there wasn’t any real difference between the hardware inside the Xbox One S and the original console but performance analyses conducted after the console’s launch have found that certain games will run slightly more smoothly on the new console. Beyond 4K, the addition of HDR is also a great inclusion for the console. It’s more powerful than it was when the system came out three years ago, and more spacious thanks to a larger 2 TB hard drive. Anyway, it worths buying.

Buy now.