Skype for Windows 10 Mobile update with GIF support

Microsoft, Skype, Windows 10 Mobile

Mobile version of Skype has been recently updated by Microsoft to add its long awaited gif support to the app. Its interesting how you can view gifs in photos and native messaging app but sadly until now Skype lacked this ability.

Now you can view gifs that were sent to you via SMS in-app. Good for those who have replaced the inbuilt messaging app with Skype. This update also includes few bug fixes and also adds link to ease of access settings in chat for the narration of Instant Chat Messages.

Recently Skype decided to end its support for Windows Phone, RT and TV devices. Now that must’ve freed some resources, and Microsoft is utilising them properly by investing them onto its other developing platform Windows and Xbox. Microsoft even made efforts to add Highlights and new UI features into Skype recently which I’m sure was welcomed by the community. If this progress is kept constant Skype will soon be included in the list of popular IMs.

Get the app from below:

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrfj364]