Would you be better off using PDF? Here are the pros and cons of this popular format


There’s no denying the fact that PDF is an extremely popular format not just among regular users but also among publishers, publications, companies and any other official entity that needs to put out text material in a digital format. There are many arguments both for why PDF is great and for why you should use other formats, but not everyone is familiar with them. This article will serve as a guide for the top reasons why you should or shouldn’t use PDF so by the end of the article you should be able to determine whether or not you could use something like https://www.sodapdf.com/merge-pdf/. Depending on your personal situation and the particular combination of factors that you need to take into consideration, the pros might weight heavier than the cons or the other way around. Keep reading to find out which one applies to you.

PDF pros

It’s a very portable format that is compatible with all important operating systems and devices. This excludes the need of employing additional equipment or software to complement a network since PDFs are able to be sent and received from and on any kind of tech that is used in today’s offices.

A PDF file is very small and occupies only a very small amount of space on a computer’s local hard drive for example. Especially for cases where extending storage isn’t an option, having such a convenience is highly beneficial.

PDF files can be put under key’s lock. What that means that its security features allow users to set up a password for files which can’t be said about other formats. This allows users to safely keep their documents and improve the security of their sensitive data

PDF files maintain formatting across different computers. With other formats, files will have different formats when transferred from one device to another which makes working with that format trickier and rather frustrating as it hinders productivity.

PDF cons

Usually, you need additional software to be able to fully edit a PDF file which can be cumbersome in many situations. Other formats allow users to simply edit every aspect that needs modification right from the get-go.

In PDF files the ability to host both text and pictures can be both a blessing and a curse because text is often times recognized as an image in a PDF file for this reason. This makes editing and controlling it a bit harder.

Unlike other software, PDF editors might cost you some money. They range from expensive to reasonably affordable and present similar features with some twists. There are also free solutions that provide all the features some need, so that’s also worth taking into account.


Now that you’ve had a closer look at what could make you use or not use PDF, it’s up to you to decide how valuable it would be to you.