Groove Music and Movies and TV app updated with Fluent design for Windows Mobile

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This build conference, Microsoft finally officially announced Project NEON as the Fluent design system for Windows 10. Although we already have had the notion of Fluent design in the recent updates to first-party apps by Microsoft, this announcement embarks the official rollout of aforesaid.

Recently, Microsoft’s app for Windows 10 PC including Paint, People, and Paint 3D received updates with UI changes according to Fluent design. These updates were released to insiders only since Fluent is still under testing, but it may be released for general public soon.

Groove Music and Movies and TV and are the first to receive Fluent UI changes update in Mobile ecosystem. This means update might be coming to other apps too, it’s just a matter of time.

Unlike the Windows 10 PC counterparts, the windows aren’t fully blurred, which of course would make no sense as you don’t have multiple apps in same windows open in mobile. In mobile, it’s the hamburger menu which is blurred. The menu has acrylic shade in-app. The shade is similar to blur seen in all other Fluent apps so far.

The update is out for insiders at the moment. The general public release of this feature is not yet known. If you are an insider you can grab the update store from below:

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrfj3p2]

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrfj3pt]