Here are the major features coming to Xbox One with today’s update


Today Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Creator Update to Xbox One users. Since the beginning of this year Microsoft heavily pushed updates to xbox insider but now they are rolling out the update globally with new features and mainly focus on speed. The important changes are –

  • Speed – Over the years, Xbox One users complained of slower interface but with todays update its going to change. Finally they made interface faster than ever.


  • Intuitive Layouts – Microsoft has changed the way Guide works, now included a new home page based on common tasks. Achievements and Groups are now close to access.


  • Beam Streaming –  Beam, a new Twitch competitor which was bought by Microsoft last year is now directly integrated to the system. Now its easier for you to record gameplay or stream .


  • Accessibility – By providing an overlay, Microsoft made it easy for user to track their achievements and do other stuffs while playing a game.