[HEALTH TECH] – Fitbit Announce New Tracker

Today Fitbit announced a new tracker, or an enhanced version of the Fitbit Alta, adding heart rate monitoring, making it the Alta HR.

At the same time as it appearing on the FCC site it was officially announced on the Fitbit website and made it’s first appearance in the Fitbit store.

Like it’s predecessor, the Fitbit Alta, the Fitbit Alta HR provides movement tracking to provide calculated steps, altitude changes (floors), automatic activity tracking and sleep tracking along with silent vibration alarms and notifications from connected mobile phones. The clear OLED screen makes it easy to read in almost all lights and the tap and rotation response means there are no buttons ensuring a sleek design. If the build quality resembles that of the Alta it looks and feels high quality.

The Fitbit Alta HR shares it’s replaceable strap design/interface with the Fitbit Alta meaning that you can customise its look dependent on how you want to use it, work or play.

We assume that the subtle reminder to move vibration introduced with the Fitbit Alta remains in the Fitbit Alta HR, but with the big change being the addition of continuous heart rate monitoring as provided by other devices in the Fitbit range.

Another little improvement in our opinion is the switch from a press closure to buckle on the strap as it feels more secure.

Sadly, as with all but the Fitbit Flex 2, the Fitbit Alta HR is not safe to swim in and based on the available information Bluetooth is still permanently on, but Fitbit assure customers that the continuous RF emission associated with this is not a health risk. We would still like to be able to swim in all Fitbit trackers and have the option to turn Bluetooth off in environments where it is not permitted.

Initial pricing for the Fitbit Alta HR is set at £129.99 in the UK, £30 more than the Fitbit Alta and £10 less than the Charge 2.

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