The Beam App is available to Xbox Insiders

Microsoft, Xbox

Microsoft today announced that Beam app is coming to Xbox Insiders. Just like the native Beam broadcasting, the app will also roll out to selected members.

Starting today, the Beam app gives select Xbox Insider members the ability to watch, chat, and interact with their favorite game streamers in near real-time, just as we’ve done on the web. You’ll also be able to browse, search and follow your favorite game streams, as well as earn Sparks and Experience Points (XP) while viewing. For those who are new to Beam, Sparks are in-app currency you can use to interact with streamers, unlock new emotes, get XP boosters, and more. For every minute you watch a stream, you earn two Sparks. Experience Points are a way to show how much you’ve watched streams – for every five minutes watching a stream you earn 10 XP.

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