Windows 10 Cloud will be upgradeable to Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10

Few days back we got to know about Windows 10 Cloud. Windows 10 Cloud is basically a light weight version of Windows 10 which will let you install apps from the store only. You can install converted Win32 software from the store but not from anywhere else. In our previous post we suggested that the SKU might be upgradeable to Windows 10 Pro. Now MSPU reports that when clicking on an unsupported win32 software, it shows a warning. But the dialog box also states that users can install the Win32 app by clicking on the “See how” link. The “See How” links take user to Windows Store, from where they can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. You can see the process in the gif.

However its not clear what will Microsoft do with this SKU. They might give it to OEM to make cheaper low end devices to compete with Chromebooks or they might provide it free to users to promote Windows 10 Store. They wont be losing much as to upgrade to pro users need to pay. What do you think about the new SKU. Let us know.