Project Neon Screen Shots, Microsoft’s New Design Language


The guys over at MSPowerUser have shared some screen shots showing how Microsoft’s new design language, known as Project Neon, will look. From the looks of things this will not be a huge overhaul of the current Windows 10 appearance but does bring some new transitions, which will feature what is being called Acrylic.

According to MSPowerUser:

These acrylics work nicely with what Microsoft calls the Conscious UI and Connected Animations. In one of the internal concept videos, Microsoft demoed this Conscious UI in the Groove Music app where the Side-Nav Acrylic changes depending on what’s behind the current app, and the picture of the artist also has a neat little effect where it moves around a bit when the user moves the window.

The above picture shows the Outlook app and you can also see how the task bar has been simplified slightly with slightly smaller, cleaner looking icons.

To see more of Project Neon, and what MSPU has to say about it follow the LINK HERE.