5 Tips to Choose the Best Windows Reseller Hosting


Windows Reseller Hosting with Plesk 12 is a very popular form of hosting that sits in between shared and VPS hosting. It is a popular choice for web developers who also offer hosting services for their customers. Windows Reseller Hosting is also an ideal way to make recurring revenue online because it requires zero capital expenditures to get started.

But your success with will be dictated by whether you choose the right hosting provider. So without further delay, let us dive into how to choose the best Windows Reseller Hosting for your online business!

Read Reviews Carefully

Just like with most anything online, you have to read the reviews. It’s shocking to see how many Windows Reseller Hosting consumers aren’t paying attention to review sites nowadays. One of the most popular places to read up on your hosting providers’ reputations is the forum www.webhostingtalk.com because the moderators are very good at weeding out spammy reviews. While there are definitely fake reviews, there are much less common than on some of the other notorious “top 10” styled review websites out there.

Get one that includes management

It’s imperative to choose a managed Windows Reseller Hosting provider that offers a fully managed service. Without comprehensive support from your host, guess where your end users will turn to in the case of need? Exactly! They will be calling and emailing you!

Some hosting providers even allow you to create extra contacts in your client portal for your end users so they can access support directly. If your intention is to resell on a white label basis, this is showing your cards that you are a reseller and is not a good idea.

In cases like this, you can act as a mediator between your end users and the source of support, ie. your hosting provider. There are many Windows Reseller Hosting providers doing this exact thing, and they are making a killing online with zero risk. Choose one that has certified Microsoft MCSE engineers on staff with a deep understanding of ASP.NET, IIS, and Windows Server.

Choose one that’s near your geographical area

If most of your customers are based in the USA, then get a USA based hosting provider. Likewise, if most your customers are based in Europe, then choosing an Amsterdam based hosting provider is probably a good idea. The closer the servers are to your end users, the lower latency they will experience.

Ensure that backups are included

There’s nothing more important than data integrity. If you lose even 1MB of your customers data, your reputation is instantly ruined. Good luck restoring it – it’s probably not going to happen! Yes, hardware does fail. Nothing lasts forever (except diamonds apparently) and your customers will be sympathetic with you if you experience a catastrophic RAID failure for example.

If you manage to come back from a data loss incident due to your professional backup and disaster recovery strategy, then you will completely neutralise your unhappy customers and leave them with a long-lasting excellent impression on your business.

When choosing a Windows Reseller Hosting provider ask them the tough questions about their backup systems. For example, what type of storage are you using? SAS? SATA? What backup retention period do you have? 7 Days? 30 Days? These are all questions that any reputable reseller host should be able to answer for you on the spot.

Read the terms of service and AUP

Before signing up ensure that you have read the entire terms of service and acceptable usage policy. Yes, I know it’s a boring read that only lawyers seemingly understand, but this is a serious decision you’re making. Your end users will rely on your new business partnership. Their data will ride on their servers.

Make sure that there aren’t any hidden clauses which will prevent you from growing. For example, there are many hosting providers that state that you cannot burst to more than 2% of the servers CPU for more than 5 minutes. These limitations are understandable on cheap shared hosting, but Windows Reseller Hosting is a premium product. You should have a much higher CPU and Memory threshold.

Ensure you are clear on the following:

  • How much Virtual Memory you have
  • How many Virtual CPU Cores you have
  • How much Disk I/O throttle speed in MB/sec you have
  • How much Network port speed in Mb/sec you have

Conclusion and Parting Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit more about what to look out for when choosing a Windows Reseller Hosting provider. To recap what we’ve discussed, read the reviews, get a managed plan that’s near your geographical area and always demand backups included with the price. Finally read the terms of service! You can avoid massive headaches later down the road by being more diligent in your shopping process in the beginning.