Microsoft shows off the Paint 3D Windows 10 app in new videos


It’s name is Paint, Microsoft Paint. One simple program which whas fascinated millions of generations all over the planet. Well okay that might be spoken too optimistic. Now seriously, Paint is a simple program for some image editing jobs like adding a short text to an image or cropping an image. However, you probably know that already since the application has been introduced a while ago, in 1985, as Paintbrush and has later been rebranded to Paint with Windows 95.

Thirty years later the world goes crazy about apps. Even on the PC we are now using apps, thanks to Microsoft and their vision to create one unique Windows for all different platforms available on the modern technology market. As mentioned already, Paint has got a long history, almost like Windows Media Player and therefor, an app version of Paint can’t be missed out.

As you might know, you download a beta fo the new Pain 3D app from the Windows app store. First it was just a leak which needed you to download the app package in order to manually install it. Though now you can simply install it from the store (link at the bottom of the article) and try your first steps with it. Microsoft didn’t comment the release of the beta, until now. There are a few videos available on YouTube now, trying to make Paint 3D familiar and giving you a first glimpse how to use this new Windows 10 app.

Those videos make all these steps look pretty easy. Have you tried the new app already, if so, what do you think? Is it as easy to handle as the Paint desktop application. Beside the 3D Builder which allows you to create 3D Models and print them afterwards Paint 3D will be the second application to be able to work with 3D Objects. It seems like Microsoft is expecting 3D do it yourself objects will be the next big thing for consumers.

What do our readers think of that? Feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.