Microsoft Announce Big Improvements to Continuum In Redstone 2 Update!


Microsoft have announced at the Ignite 2016 conference that the next platform update for Windows 10 Mobile, codenamed Redstone 2, will feature some big improvements to Continuum, with resizable windows, changeable Start menu and the ability to pin apps to the task bar.

For anyone unfamiliar with Continuum, it allows high end devices such as the Lumia 950, 950XL and the HP Elite X3 to connect to a larger display and runs Universal Windows programs on the phone in PC mode, however the current build features a lot of restrictions such as apps only running in full screen, the Start menu replicates the Start screen on your device and can not be altered, and the task bar has no functionality except displaying time, date and icons and works as a place to launch Cortana from. But according to yesterday’s announcement these will all be fixed to bring a more desktop like experience to Microsoft’s innovation.

Other complaints that is being addressed is the reliance on the phone display having to be on, Continuum will now work with your Windows 10 Mobile in stand by, and you will now be able to connect to display docks via Bluetooth, cutting down on the mass of cable that currently need to be connected.

New functionality will also come to Enterprise users, with SMS logging and WiFi Direct improvements.

1474987420_rs2_kjnksjrdgnlkjersbgkl_storyPicture from Neowin

Redstone 2 is currently expected to start rolling out to Windows 10 Mobile devices in April, a way off yet, but those on the Windows Insdider program should get to try early builds.

Source Neowin.

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