App review: Star Hunt, an addictive action game


In the middle of High-End FPS Mobile games, we still love simplistic and classic style games. You might have seen a lot of games on PlayStore. One among them, Star Hunt is a great addictive simple game. The Star Hunt game boasts nothing over-rated, highly graphic elements.

By the first play, the game will remind you about the old Flappy Bird game, which was viral on PlayStore, but withdrawn by the developer later. The Star Hunt game is made in simple graphical elements, in a simple face. Game play background music is as similar to that of the Spacial focused fictional movies and some voices. The Music itself can take you to another dimension, where it will bring you the feel of the ‘voice-of-silence’ in Space.

Star Hunt game player has to be aimed in hunting stars across the Galaxy, as the name denotes. The player should control the space ship. The main theme of the game is that the solar system under Sun is going to be finished soon, because it is now transforming into a Supernova. The habitats remaining on earth, including human beings are trying to escape inorder to survive the current pathetic scenario. The spaceships are running towards the next star in Galaxy, where they find hope to live. The journey is in between planets to planets, way to next solar system. All you need to have while playing this game is a keen look on screen. You should make the ship jump from one planet to another without getting failed by not reaching the atmosphere of next planet.

The game also features a leaderboard, which can be connected and shared to facebook. Also you can invite friends to challenge with you. The game will not compel you to challenge against it, but you may get pretended to challenge against it by playing more and more. The game is very interesting to play, as well as hard. And one more interesting this is that the developer is giving away an Amazon Gift Voucher of $7, for the players who reach 50+ Points, means to pass 50 planets.

What do you think? Download it now and enjoy.

[appbox googleplay com.DevilzStudio.StarHunt]