W10M Threshold Vs Anniversary Update, Visual Comparison

With the roll out of the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 Mobile expected in the coming weeks, here is our comparison of what visual changes you may notice with Build 14393 compared to 10586 which was the “Threshold Update”, the latest version of the mobile OS available on consumer devices.

There aren’t any drastic changes to the over all design, a few tweaks and additions here and there, based on how the Insider Preview looks. Let us know if we have missed something, and any thoughts you have on the changes.

In each comparison picture the screen shot on the Left is the Threshold/10586 update and next to it on the left is the Anniversary Update/14393 version besides the last set, where we look at the Camera app, the picture on the left is still Threshold while the images in the middle and on the right are from the Anniversary build.

Settings Menu

No major changes to settings layout, but there are now icons in the submenus.


App Store

Probably the biggest visual chages come in the Windows Store with menu boxes replacing the catagory links.


Also the App description page has been altered with screen shots now among the first options you come to.



The virtual keyboard layout remains mostly the same with the exception of a few dots on the space bar… actually these indicate a function which was only available to larger displays in the Threshold update but now appear to be available to all W10M devices on 14393, long press the space bar and it gives you the ability to move the keyboard up and down, and even very slightly to the left and right.


The Emoticon menu has been updated, the images are now more detailed and you also get more emojis to choose from, definetly looks better in my opinion.




The only change I could find to the Calendar layout comes in the setting menu, where you now have to option to print your calendar.



There is a new Panorama mode in the Camera arriving with the Anniversary update, which can be accessed in the button carasel at the bottom of the display, you can now switch between Photo, Video and Panorama, compared to just Photo and Video on Threshold. However, one setting icon missing in the new camera control drop down menu is the Slow Motion option (the Tortoise). This may come back when the full consumer update is made available, I hope so as this is a nice option to have (on phones that support it)


EDIT: My mistake on slow mo removal. The reason it is missing from the Anniversa Update is the device Running the insider preview was the Lumia 830 which does not support slow motion on any build, this feature can only be found on Lumia 930, 950/XL and 1520.

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