Microsoft updates photo experience on OneDrive with improved upload and Poké Detector

Microsoft has rolled out an update for the photos experience on OneDrive today which brings improved upload, better folder view, better search and a Poké Detector.

You might have heard from Google’s image search in Google drive. There it is possible to enter a keyword and all images and photos in the google cloud who are fulfilling this keyword are then displayed. Microsoft had implemented such an image search in OneDrive as well, however, photo experience has been updated now which brings some improvements for this features and a few other things.

Automatic albums on OneDrive

I can remember Joe Belfiore talking about the photos app for Windows 10 at a keynote about a year ago. He was talking about future updates for the photos experience on Windows, there he mentioned automatic albums which organizes your photos by places and time in automatic albums. This makes it easier to find and share photos you have taken. The same feature has been implemented in OneDrive now. So that all you vacation photos are in one place and you can easy find and share them with your friends and family.

Additionally all of these photos you have taken are chosen by resolution, this way there shouldn’t be any blurry images wasting your time. You will also get a notification once such an album has been finished and you can have a look at it, similar to the photos app on recent builds of Windows 10.


”On this day View”

If you are not a fan of pre-organized photos, then there is still the overview where you can see all you photos you have taken. All are in one album there, sorted by date and time you have taken them. However, Microsoft has improved this experience a little bit as well.

If you just want to browse through all your photos, the overview can come in very handy. However, at the beginning of this overview you will now have the “On this day” view which displays all the photos you have taken today first.


Improved Search

Microsoft has also improved the way search in OneDrive works. Now it is possible to search for images directly in the overview where all your photos are displayed. You can search than for images which have been tagged with “best friend”, names or whatever. You can also search for locations and all that is even working with Emoji’s. So you can try to search with Emoji’s on OneDrive and have a look what the service is displaying you.

All of these new features are also working on mobile apps. The company has recently published the OneDrive universal app which is now available for Windows 10 and it’s mobile counterpart. So you can use this helpful improvement on all of your devices.


Improved folder view with a lot of images

Folders with lots of images inside have been criticized in the past for being too cluttered and confusing. Therefor Microsoft has taken care about that and improved the folder view. On top of a folder there is now displayed a huge hero image which brings up a nice introduction to a folder.

Apart from that, larger thumbnails are giving you a better overview of all your images in this folder and there has been added a re-designed menu as well to make it easier adding, deleting or sharing some images from a folder.


Improved Windows app experience.

OneDrive is mainly present on the web, however, the team responsible for Microsoft’s cloud service has worked closely together with the Windows team to add some improvements to the app experience.

You can now upload whole albums to OneDrive which will then be handled as albums from OneDrive and Windows photo apps. Furthermore, folders you have created using OneDrive will be displayed on all of your devices in the photos app as well. This way you will get one continuing experience across all your devices.


Pokémon Detector

Last but not least, well how should I say it, Microsoft has implemented a Pokémon detector into OneDrive. No that’s not a joke, if you are uploading a screenshot from Pokémon Go to OneDrive and share it with your friends, they’ll be able to find the screenshot by simply searching for the Pokémon displayed on the screenshot.

Yes, this is kind of ironic, while you are not able to play Pokémon Go on your Windows device at least you will be able to find them all in your cloud. Even though it is kind of ironic, I like the feature. It is a very nice implementation and who knows maybe we are getting the app sooner than we thought.


So that’s really quite a list of improvements and new feature for experiencing your photos in the cloud. All of these changes are very welcome and I am looking forward to use them on OneDrive. Check out the official Microsoft Office Blog for more details on the updated photos experience for OneDrive.

What do our readers think on this, are there still any important features or are you happy with what Microsoft has added to OneDrive? Feel free to let us know your opinion below in comments and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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