Explore Venice with the new update for Subway Surfers on Windows


Only a few days ago Kiloo Studios was in the news headlines for their Subway Surfers app. The app studio announced that they will stop support for Windows Phone 8.1, however, they are going to concentrate on Windows 10 Mobile in the future. This brings of course some advantages on disadvantages depending on your view. Generally spoken this are good news. With the latest update for Windows 10 Mobile, the company brings the player to Italy, Venice. Along with new buildings and environment, there are also included new boards in this update.

This is not a major update for the app but rather a small content update bringing new challenges for daily subway surfer gamers. However, it is nice to see such a great support from Kiloo for Windows 10 Mobile. There have been times when you had to wait a few months for new content.

The update is now live in the store and can be downloaded via the link below. Let us know your opinion on the Venice update for Subway Surfers and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Developer: ‪Kiloo‬
Price: Kostenlos+