New firmware for Lumia 950/950 XL (with double-tap-to-wake)




Towards the end of last year, Lenny and I attended an event in New York, hosted by Microsoft to showcase their new hardware, including the flagship Lumia 950 and 950 XL. During that event, I was able to get plenty of hands-on experience with both of the phones, and I was also able to ask various Microsoft employees questions about the devices. While many of the questions I had pertained to the camera specs and Rich Capture within the camera app, I also asked somebody about double-tap-to-wake, a superb little feature that wakes the phone with a simple tap-tap on the screen. This was first introduced to the world with the Nokia N9 back in 2011, but has been incorporated into nearly all of the Lumia flagships and in many other devices, including the LG G4 and G5, to name but two.




Unfortunately, I was told that neither the 950 nor 950 XL would launch with double-tap-to-wake. I must have made a sad face or disappointed sound because the person immediately put his hand on my shoulder in a jokey sort of way and said, “Don’t worry, it’s coming in a future update.” I asked if he was being serious and he said that he was.

By early-June there was no double-tap on my Lumia 950 XL and I had started to think that the Microsoft employee at that event had basically lied to my face. I had totally given up hope that double-tap-to-wake was coming. But then the rumours started…

And today, Microsoft have clearly backed up their hand-on-the-shoulder assurances, and have released new firmware for the two flagships, and with it comes… double-tap-to-wake! Huzzah!

Here’s the full announcement from a Microsoft support engineer:

“Hey folks,

We are starting to rollout a new firmware update today for Lumia 950/950 XL: 01078.00053.16236.35xxx. Key improvements in this release include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvements, including fixes for Wi-Fi connection dropping randomly and Wi-Fi scan occasionally not returning any results.
  • Support for double tap to wake enabled.
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements.
  • Stability and reliability improvements.
  • Camera improvements, including improved image and video quality, improved Auto-focus and fix for a problem that was causing slow motion capture to skip frames for some users.
  • Cellular connectivity improvements, including fix for a problem that caused occasional network loss for some users.
  • Audio quality improvements, including fix for a problem that caused voice call audio to get scrambled for some users.

The availability of the update may depend on your phone model, region or network service provider. Starting today, the update should become available for the first batch of phones and the remaining ones are expected to receive the update gradually.

Windows 10 is updating continuously, so make sure you follow all the update notifications that appear on your phone. To check for updates, you can also tap Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates. For more detailed update instructions and troubleshooting, see.”

Source: Microsoft




My 950 XL is still showing firmware 01708.00038.16082.36005, and the newer firmware taking it up to 16236, so hopefully it’ll come through soon. As the blog post says, keep checking your phone for this update, as it will depend on where you are and which particular variant model of Lumia 950 or 950 XL you actually have. And as there was no word on other Lumias such as the 650 receiving this awesome feature, my guess is that you simply won’t see it at all, perhaps because the special screen hardware was not included in that mid-range device. Does anyone know?

Anyway, it’s good news for 950 and 950 XL owners! 🙂


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