How to customize what notifications are synced from your Phone to your PC on Windows 10

Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile


One of the main features that will be coming with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and one that is already available fot Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring is “notification sync between all devices”.

If you are a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring (on your PC and Mobile) then you are probably already familiar with this feature.

Notifications from your phone pop up on your PC’s notifications center, though sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming, the constant chiming on incoming notifications from your phone on your PC especially when you have just powered on your PC maybe after a day or two.

Well, there is a way to shut this off entirely and Windows Central have a great article on how to shut off syncing between your phone and PC.

But what if you just wanted to receive certain notifications from your phone, on your PC instead of shutting the entire thing off? For instance, you do not want your SMS text messages showing up on your PC (because your entire family uses your PC for instance).

Good news is that you can select how to customize what notifications are synced to your PC (or from your Windows 10 Mobile device) and here’s how…

1. Open Cortana from your PC and go to Settings…

2. Click on “Edit Sync settings” under the “Send notifications between devices” section

3. This will show you a list of devices you have synced with your PC, select the one you want to customize what notifications you want synced, unfortunately, if you have more than one Windows Phone, you cannot distinguish which is which, as they will all be listed as “Windows Phone” Hopefully Microsoft will fixed this “soon”

I have 2 Windows Phones listed but I was able to distinguish which was which by looking at the apps installed.

4. Once you have selected your device, you have the option to completely turn off all notification sync by toggling the on/off button under Windows Phone or by turning off individual apps’ notifications from syncing to your PC. Each app that is capable of sending notifications has a on/off toggle switch.

Obviously, there is still work to be done to polish this experience, but it is good to know that you can customize notification sync at a granular level.

Do you find this option useful? Let us know in the comments below.