VLC Media Player Beta available as universal Windows app


We had this headline once already, about one year ago VLC Media Player Beta was available for Windows Phone. However around the same time Microsoft introduced the universal windows app platform which made Thomas Nigro and the rest of the developers behind this app turn around and start all new. The app is now available as a true universal windows app and can be used with Mobile devices, PC’s and Tablets, Holo Lens and even the Surface Hub.

About 4 hours ago Thomas tweeted a link of app and told the twitter community that the app can now be tested by everyone. Now this beta is pretty good already, the app was not crashing when I tried it, and it runs pretty smooth already. I have noticed a few scaling problems in settings, however that shouldn’t be too dramatic. Here is a full list of features which have been implemented in this beta so far:

  • video player
  • audio player
  • audio management
  • MKV playback
  • FLAC playback
  • Subtitles downloader
  • subtitles
  • audio

unfortunately the app is not supporting DVDs or Blu-rays yet, if you want to play them on your PC Laptop or Tablet you’ll still have to use the desktop application. But hey who is still using DVD’s or Blu-rays anyway right?

If you want to try the new VLC Beta be aware of the fact that the app is still in Beta. It is very stable already and has a lot of features implemented though it is not finished yet. So don’t be rude with the developer in case something is not working as expected but rather give some productive feedback. The Download link for the app can be found at the bottom of this article.

Here are a few screenshots of the new VLC Beta app on Windows 10 Mobile, to give some impressions on it.

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Developer: ‪VideoLAN‬
Price: Kostenlos