Microsoft Wallet 2 Enables Tap to Pay in Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Picture from Windows Central
Picture from Windows Central

The Windows 10 Anniversary update, coming this summer, will bring an updated Microsoft Wallet app that will enable Tap to Pay via NFC on Windows 10 Mobile devices, and the guys at Windows Central have already got it working on an early build of the app.

I managed to get my hands on an internal build of the updated Wallet app, which has not seen much attention since its release, and with it, I was able to enable Tap to Pay successfully on a Bank of America debit card.

Writes Daniel Rubino:

The new Wallet 2.0 app is broken into two areas:
1.Credit or debit card
2.Loyalty or membership card

When first launched Wallet will check your Microsoft Account for any credit cards already linked (e.g. for the Store) and import those for Tap to Pay. All of this is optional, of course, and interestingly my Lumia 950 even utilized Windows Hello for my account authentication, which was a nice touch.

As well as bank cards, Microsoft Wallet, which originally arrived with Windows Phone 8, lets you store Loyalty Cards, saving you the hassle of remembering to take the plastic cards with you when you go shopping. The screen shots above and below are from Windows Central, showing the set up process.


Although Microsoft had the wallet app before the iPhone, Apple Pay has made paying with your phone a lot more universal, and Google are also putting something similar in their Android devices. Just have to wait for the update for Windows 10 Mobile, which seems to be getting more useful by the day!

Source Windows Central

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