Microsoft compensates mistakenly offered Fallout 4 Season Pass


For a very short time period Fallout 4 was available for free in the Xbox Game Store. However, this was not an extraordinary good offer from Microsoft but simply a mistake. Fallout 4 is a very popular role playing game which didn’t disappoint fans of earlier parts from this game row. Today Microsoft has finally send out notifications to users who received the game through this mistaken offer, stating that they won’t be able to play this game in the future.


Kind of an disappointment if you have been one of the lucky ones to receive the Fallout 4 Season Pass for free. Though Microsoft compensates their mistake with sending a $10 gift card to everyone who has downloaded the game with this deal. Here is what Microsoft has said about their mistake and their compenstion they are offering for everyone:

“Our pricing error on Fallout 4 has been fixed and your free download will no longer work. For the inconvenience we will deposit $10 by the end of June in your Microsoft Account. This expires one year from the time it was deposited.”


The good thing about this, you can get a $10 discount on Fallout 4 for Xbox One now.