WhatsApp Beta supports GIF’s! Well kind of

WhatsApp Beta for iOS has been published recently and the changelog sounds promising since it seems like we will get native GIF support very soon.

As you might know or not, WhatsApp is running a closed beta. This beta program is active for all three major smartphone platforms, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android. While we are normally writing about new features which have been implemented in the beta version for Windows, we are doing an excursion to the beta app for iOS.

There are multiple chat services by now which are doing exactly the same job like WhatsApp, there is for example Telegram with great support fop all platforms, GroupMe from Skype and a few others. All of these chat services are supporting things like stickers, in-app video searches and gif’s. However, WhatsApp is kind of old-fashioned when it comes to features.

Neither in-app searches are supported by now, not gif’s. Though this might change soon, according to the changelog of the latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS there is a kind of gif support implemented in the app now. You can not search for gif’s yet but if you post link which leads to a gif, the app will detect this gif and display it so that you don’t have to click the link.

This update has been released only a few hours ago and has not even been brought to Android. If or when the update will come to Windows 10 Mobile is not clear, tough WhatsApp is expected to bring this feature to all platforms sooner or later.

For a detailed look on the changelog of the latest WhatsApp Beta version for iOS, head over to Pastebin.

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