Microsoft will merge Lumia SensorCore SDK in Windows 10 API’s

Microsoft is going to discontinue the Lumia specific Sensorcore API in favor of one consistent API throughout the whole Windows 10 ecosystem.

This is a topic which is less important for regular consumers but for more developers. I mean there is kind of importance for users but it is probably more important for developers since they have to implement one of the API’s into their apps. If you are running Windows 10 Mobile you might have noticed, that if you search for ‘Motion’ in settings there will be two results. ‘Lumia motion data’ and ‘Motion’ will appear and you can then decide which one to choose. You might have also noticed that both are displaying something completely different.

The reason for that is, back in the days when a Lumia 925 was the hottest phone on the market, Nokia and Microsoft developed a SensorCore SDK. This SDK is responsible for all things related to location services. Whether you want to track your running route or you are trying to get navigated by your phone through London. On older phones, with Windows Phone 8.1, all these services went through the Lumia SensorCore SDK.

With Windows 10, however, Microsoft is developing one universal operating system which needs one universal SDK or API. Therefor Microsoft has now decided to gradually discontinue the Lumia SensorCore SDK and merge it with the universal one from Windows 10. By merging these two different API’s, the Activity Monitor and Step Counter, which can be currently found under Lumia Motion Data in settings, will be discontinued. However, this doesn’t mean that this feature will be completely removed but can still be used by developers with the ‘Universal Windows Contextual Sensing APIs for Activity Detection and Pedometer

Specifically for developers, Microsoft has also published two apps in the Windows Store, showing you how you can use the updated Activity Tracking and Pedometer (Step counting):

For further information on Microsoft’s future plans for Contextual Sensing APIs, head over to the Windows Blog.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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