Windows Hello will be able to log you in with your Wearable soon

With Windows 10 Microsoft introduced Windows Hello, a security feature which is responsible for logging you in, logging in with your wearable will come soon.

With Windows 10 Microsoft introduced a new security feature for their Windows operating system, Windows Hello. Well, actually Windows Hello is one branding for all Windows security features to safely login in users on their PC’s Tablets and Phones. While we are speaking it is possible to login in on a Windows PC via fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, password or a PIN. Today at the Computex 2016 conference in Taipei, the company introduced one additional way which will make that a lot easier and even more comfortable.


At the Computex conference, the company demoed a method wich allows you to log in to your Windows device simply with your wearable. The thing will be that the wearable device needs a fingerprint sensor, so you still have to provide your finger print somehow but you will be able to do this by entering your room rather than going to your keyboard. This offers another secure and more comfortable way to log you in on your Windows PC.

Since this technique is part of Windows Hello, all hardware manufactures can use this technology and implement it in their wearable devices. This might bring up a few new device which will be capable of this features. At least Cortana is supporting this allready and should be able to log you in with this method on your PC.

What do our readers think about the ability to get access to their PC via a wearable device? Feel free to drop us your opinion below in comments with your thoughts and suggestions what you think Microsoft can do better or if this would be the ultimate way to access a Windows device.

Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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