How to: Save Images from Windows 10 Spotlight Lockscreen

Recently Microsoft has introduced Windows Spotlight which can bring beautiful images for your lockscreen, here are some easy instructions how to keep those.

Back in April 2016 Microsoft made the Windows Spotlight feature available for everyone. Similar to the Bing Daily Image which can set with various Universal Windows App, this allows you to get a new image on your lockscreen on every day. The main difference is that you can choose whether you like and image displayed on your lockscreen or not. This is possible by choosing in the upper right corner if you like it or not. Microsoft will then try to consider your choice and display only images you like in the future.

Furthermore, as you can see on the screenshot embed below, Windows Spotlight will display you some fun facts about the images, features to try or also phrases you can say to Cortana. This a nice way to get used to the new operating system and getting beautiful lockscreen images each day. This feature has been spotted in one of the recent Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds, however it can not be used there yet. It is also no longer appearing in settings where it has been previously spotted.

Windows Spotlight Screenshot

Since you can set whether you like an image displayed or not, it might happen that Microsoft is displaying you images which you really love. Unfortunately there is not existing a dedicated folder or app which allows you to save these wallpaper. Though, as you might expect, Windows has to save these images somewhere in order to display them on your lockscreen. The only problem is, that they are not displayed as .jpg or .png files like normal images but rather without a file extension.

This makes it only readable by Windows itself, however with a few easy steps you can navigate to the dedicated folder and change the file name extensions in order to be able to use them as normal images. The guys at Kunal-Chowdhury have found published the following instructions for that:

Instructions to save Spotlight images

  1. Navigate to the dedicated folder
    Open any folder or the PC and copy and paste the following path in the address bar: C:\Users\WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\ Local\Packages\Microsoft. Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_ cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets – replace ‘WINDOWS_USER_NAME’ with your username and delete all the spaces before you press enter.
  2. Copy files
    Now as you are in this folder, select all files you can find in the ‘Asset’ folder and copy them to a new folder.
  3. Convert files to .jpg files
    Once you have copied the files to a new folder, you can close the ‘Asset’ folder and get back to the folder where you have copied all the files to. In this folder type ‘CMD’ in the address bar which will open Command Prompt in this folder. In Command Prompt type the following command: ren *.* *.jpg and press enter. This will convert all files in this folder without an extension into .jpg files. CMD Screen
  4. That’s it
    All your Windows Spotlight lockscreen images will now be in your folder as .jpg files and you can now use them for desktop background images or anything else you want to use them for.

This method allows you to use all Windows Spotlight images you wanted to save for future use. Maybe Microsoft will add an easier way in the future so that you can save and use these images but for now this is the only way. Feel free to drop me a comment below with any questions or feedback on that. Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

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Lenny Bonsignore
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