[Updated] Microsoft is working on Office Web extensions for Edge

Microsoft is preparing Extensions for their Edge browser currently and it seems like they are also working on an Office Web extension for their browser.

One of the most requested features for Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, was to add support for extensions. Since a few Preview Builds of the operating system, which are available to Windows Insiders, it is possible to test such extensions with the Edge browser. Microsoft’s strategy is clear at this point, make it as easy as possible to port extensions from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge in order to get a rich offer of extensions in the shortest time frame possible.

If you are a consumer who is currently using Windows 10 you will have to wait for Microsoft to release the Windows Anniversary update in order to be able to use extensions. The good news is, that since those extensions can be tested by Windows Insiders already, not only Microsoft but also other companies are offering extensions for Microsoft Edge at this time. Since today the popular ‘LastPass’ extension is available for testing purposes which makes it easy to manage your passwords. Also the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions are already available for Windows Insiders.

Of course also Microsoft has released a few extensions for Microsoft edge already, such as the Mouse Gestures extension which allows you to open new tabs, close tabs and so on with mouse gestures. Now according to a screenshot from WindowsBlogItalia, Microsoft is also working on an extension for their Office Web apps. Unfortunately this one has not been officially released yet, not event to Windows Insiders. However it will give you an easier and quicker way to get the Office Web apps. Currently you will have to go to Outlook.com or any other Microsoft related web service and then choose one of the web apps, with the extension this will be far easier and quicker than before.

It is not clear when Microsoft will be published this extension for Windows Insiders, however, it should not take too long anymore. With the latest build of Windows 10 Microsoft has improved the extension model for Microsoft Edge once again which makes it a joy to use those first extensions for the browser.

Fee free to drop me a comment below with your thoughts and feedback on the Microsoft Edge extensions and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.


I have to apologize for a mistake, actually Microsoft has made this extension available to Windows Insiders already. It can be downloaded from the Windows Store and can be tested with the latest Windows Insider Preview build.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4v88g]

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