Interop Tools App updated to tweak registry in Windows 10 Mobile

Recently the developer known as Gustave M. at Twitter has released a new version of his Interop Tools App to tweak the registry in Windows 10 Mobile.

Interop Tools App

With Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has released an operating system, which is near to the one which we are using on the desktop every day. While it is normal to edit registry entries there simply by starting ‘regedit’, this is not that normal on mobile device. In Windows Phone there wasn’t even a slight chance to do that, however in Windows 10 Mobile there has been released an app for that job some time ago.

Recently Gustave M., a well known Windows Phone developer, joined the party and released an own app which can do registry edits on your Windows 10 Mobile device. The advantage of his app is, that you will not need an Interop Unlock of your phone in order to use it. Interop Unlock is not available for all Windows 10 Mobile phones yet and therefore this is a huge advantage compared to the app released at the XDA Developer forum a while ago. Furthermore the app is not limited to any Lumia models or something, basically it can be used on every phone which is running Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile.

Interop Tools v 1.2 Changelog

Today the developer announced version 1.2 of the app which is of course not available via the official app store. If you want to try the app on your phone you’ll have to head to in order to download it. Instructions on how to download and sideload this app on your phone can be found at the end of this article. Here is the changelog of the latest version which can be downloaded:

Added features:

  • + The registry browser value editing dialog now displays the value type and name.
  • + The registry browser now correctly handles write errors and will display them to you.
  • + The registry editor now saves the history and has a new clear all button to clear all of them.
  • + You can now tap a history item in the registry editor and it will fill all fields for you.
  • + Improved the Registry browser ui again.
  • + The app is now a regular app and not a settings app as there was many requests for this.
  • + New icon for the app.
  • + Small ui changes on the welcome page.
  • + Bug fixes.

Known issues:

It appears there is an editing issue for the pagingfiles on redstone, where the value is not set, this might be due to the key being reverted automatically. This is under inspection.
It appears there is an editing issue for the pagingfiles on threshold, where some β€œ;” appears instead of spaces, I can’t reproduce it on my side, so if you could confirm or not confirm that to me on twitter that would be great.

Side notes:

  • I know I need to add a way to alert from the app of new updates, this is under consideration.
  • A small tweak page is in the works, if you have tweak ideas please tweet me them with the page where you found them or yourself if you found it, so I can properly credit peoples.

Download & Sideload Interop Tools App

To download and install this registry tweaking app you need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Download Interop Tools App. I recommend you to download the app package on your PC and then transfer it to your phone via usb or to upload it to OneDrive, since Mega is not working very well on Microsoft Edge for phones.
  • Go to Settings –> Update & security –> For developers and there you have to check ‘Sideload apps’
  • Tap on the downloaded app package and click on yes when your phone asks you to install the app.
  • Wait a few minutes so that the installation can be finished and then restart your phone.
  • After the restart, the app can be found in Settings –> Extras –> Interop Tools
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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