Anniversary Update adds Fingerprint support for Windows Mobile

The Windows Anniversary update is expected to be released this summer and is said to include lots of new features, as well as fingerprint support.

Windows Hello Header with fingerprint

Microsoft is preparing the Windows Anniversary update for Windows 10 desktop devices, tablets and smartphones. This update, previously known as Redstone, will debut this summer and will also come with a lot of new features. The company has released a few builds of Windows 10 for mobile devices and desktops already, which had a few of these features implemented. With the latest build for example it is possible to test the ‘Messaging Everywhere’ experience which makes it possible to write test messages directly from your PC or tablet which will then be sent to your phone and from there to the person you want to send it.

Even before the announcement of the Anniversary update, Microsoft had introduced Windows Hello. While other companies in the Android universe are all going after the fingerprint sensor, Microsoft implemented iris scanner in their devices as a security feature. Now Windows Hello does not only pack iris scanner but also fingerprint sensor, well at least the desktop version. On mobile devices running Windows 10, fingerprint sensors are not supported at this time. With the Redstone update this will change.

At the WinHEC conference the tech giant from Redmond confirmed that fingerprint sensors will be part of the Anniversary update for Windows 10 Mobile. This is not only great news for consumers, but also for OEM’s. They can now offer devices with an in-build fingerprint sensor not only with Android but also with Windows 10 Mobile. Similar to what HTC did with the HTC M8 for Windows. Microsoft will then be the only company which is able to offer both, fingerprint sensor and iris scanner.

The first phone shipped with such a fingerprint sensor, will be the HP Elite x3. Of course other devices from Microsoft and other OEM’s will then follow-up with such a sensor build into the device.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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