Five Things You will Love about Quantum Break

Quantum Break, Xbox highest selling IP has already proved its potential. When I started playing the game, after an episode, I was really not sure if the game actually needed a review. Its one of a kind game which everybody needs to try. Third person shooter mixed with controls is a deadly combination .

Remedy, the company behind the game, is combined gaming, Sci-fi drama, fast action and time bending technique for an ultimate experience. The game is not very long, which I wished for, but it delivers a different experience. I sense a sequel for sure, which should open up the multiplayer experience where everybody can twist time, and then its going to be super fun.

Here are five things which you will definitely love about Quantum Break!!

#1 Time Attack:

Forget about hiding, dodging and running away. This is the only game I have played till date that gives you enough courage that you an hit on your enemy with everything you have. The time is on your side, and you can use it to take down multiple enemies one after the other. Right from slowing them down into time bubble, and then unloading a full magazine of bullet, to creating barrier to dodge bullets, to hit big guys down with time smash.  All these features have different cool down, and you will use your wit to use them in combination.

Quantum Break Windows 10 scattered bullets
Quantum Break Windows 10 scattered bullets

The fun gets even better when you meet your kind. There will be enemies who can bend time just like you, and then you will have to push yourself really hard to take them down. At some stages, even time bending doesnt add to the advantage, and then it will take your will.

#2 Repeating Shutters in Time

The fracture in time does a lot of things, and one of the most astonishing thing it does it freeze the destruction in time. At levels, you will see car crashing into something, and then it repeats, its like infinite instant replay and they look absolutely amazing.  There are many such Spectacular time-freezing set-pieces. When you play this game, give sometime to explore your surrounding instead of just finishing it to the next level.

#3 Strong Storyline which keeps you going

Honestly speaking, the game is not very tough, specially with those powers in hand, but what will keep you going is the story line. Its really additive, and it keeps you involved. There are moments in the games where you take decision, choose between two outcomes. I think its like 4 times as the last stage decides the fate.

The decision maker  gives you a fair idea on what will happen when you choose. It even gives you dramatic story which plays around telling you facts. You get control of both bad side, and the good side, and impact the whole story. If you get enough time, play the game by choosing different outcome, and you will now how it goes. Its totally worth it.

#4 Brilliant Third-person mechanics


One feature that Remedy did implement really well is taking covers. Yes, since we are talking about third person shooting, this is an important factor because you really need to bend time to enjoy the game instead of waisting time to take cover. In Quantum Break, the character automatically takes cover when it is around an object where cover is a possibility.

Next comes the gun, which are standard, and they are dead simple. You aren’t waisting your time upgrading them. Collect ammunitions, change it with something else, and so on. There are not lot of variations as well.

What you need to upgrade is your Time Attack. You will have find powers in every level which you can use to upgrade. Most of the time I had skipped them, and it was really difficult to clear some of them.

#5 A Game with its own TV Series:


Its not just a game, it felt like a TV series. At the end of every chapter, there is a small episode which contextualises things. This will involve the gamer big time into the story, and may also effect designs making. Each episode is approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and you can just put down your controller, and watch it. Since there is no Multiplayer, it was necessary to add something that will set the standard high. The inclusion of TV like episodes did that.The only downside is that the 75 GB of content need to be streamed or downloaded, which is a lot.

Overall, Quantum Break is a compelling, excellent third person shooter game which has changed the way the games gad been though. Time bending is new, and using them combination is even deadlier. You need to play this game, once!

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Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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