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Microsoft’s Office Suite does have some tradition, schools, companies and private households are using the office applications all over the world. It’s the most established collection of applications of its kind and is does have probably any feature you might expect to be implemented in text editing or presentation applications. With Office 365 Microsoft slightly changed the direction they were heading into with their Office applications and now another change of the course has to be done by Microsoft because of their new Universal Windows Platform, UW, they have introduced with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

In order to have a succesful Universal Windows Platform there have to be at least a couple of core applications which are working just fine on all platforms, so that users don’t have to switch between applications on different Windows devices. Therefor the company came up with Office Mobile which is available in the Universal Windows App Store and can be download for both desktop and tablet PC’s as well as on phones running Windows 10 Mobile. Office Mobile includes Word, Power Point, Excel, OneNote and Outlook Mail / Calendar

Office Mobile is pretty nice to use and Microsoft is updating them on a regular basis bringing bug fixes as well as new features to the office mobile applications. The latest update for the office mobile applications brings the ability to pin single files to the start screen on mobile devices and to the start menu on Windows 10 PC’s. Furthermore Word has got another new feature which let’s you draw in your documents instead of only writing. So far One Note has done this job pretty well but also in Word it can be pretty helpful to just quickly draw something instead of using a whole paragraph to describe it.
Good to know, if you don’t like what you drew, switch back to mouse tool select all drawings like you would select the whole text on the page and simply delete them with the ‘entf’ button on your keyboard. No need to erase it all with the stroke eraser.

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Beside the ‘pin to start’ feature which do support now all Office Mobile apps, the Power Point Mobile app has received two new nice features as well. There is on the one hand also support for drawing in Power Point which is especially on a Surface, or Windows tablet in general, very cool to use. However, you can now also open the camera directly with the Power Point App, take an image and embed it in your presentation, nice. All three new features, pinning files to start, support for drawing and camera launcher are very important features and it is good to finally have them implemented in the mobile apps.


What do our readers think? Are there still some important features you are missing in the Office Mobile Apps? Drop me a comment below with your opinion this and in case you haven’t received these updates yet download the latest version of the office mobile apps below.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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