I Never Knew OneDrive Could Do This!


I’ve been using Microsoft’s cloud storage service since it was called SkyDrive, back when all accounts came with 25GB free storage, and thought I knew pretty much all it’s features, but doing a search for a document the other day I was surprised by the results. I went on to try a couple more searches and the same thing happened each time.
You may be well aware of this ability, and other services like Google Drive and Dropbox may do exactly the same, but to me it was pretty intriguing, so much so I thought I’d do a blog post on it. So here’s what happened…

I did a search on the OneDrive app on my Lumia device for the word “Wales” and here are the results I was offered:


Nothing in any of the file names included the word Wales, so why were these few images appearing? None of the pictures were taken in Wales, and on closer inspection I found out why:


The above picture of a map of the UK has the word Wales in it, and the picture below, taken from a coach window as it travelled, shows a road sign which reads in pretty grainy writing the word Wales.


I was surprised, OneDrive can scan a picture and distinguish individual words!?!? Also on screen shots of my device, a word perhaps in a message can be discovered by the OneDrive search. Now I think that is pretty impressive not least because I have something like 60GB of stuff on OneDrive for it to sort through and results appear pretty much immediately.

Can Google Drive or Dropbox do the same? Not being a user of Google Services I am unable to check.

Lenny Bonsignore
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