How to recover your Lumia 550 with battery not charging issue on Build 14267


Windows 10 Mobile Insiders are finally able to enjoy Windows Redstone build 14267, Oh wait some “selected Lumia” can get the update. Anyway, it seems Lumia 550 users are facing a major issue in which Lumia 550 battery is not charging.  It is worth to mention that Microsoft has already stop the roll out of Windows 10 Mobile Build 14267 for Lumia 550 users, so your device will no longer get this build even your are registered for Windows Insiders fast ring preview builds.

Indeed, most of the Lumia 550 users got panic, and they sent their devices to Microsoft Store to get it repair. However, Microsoft published an easy method which will allow your Lumia 550 to recover and revert back to factory OS.

If you are device battery is enough charged, follow below steps: 

  1. Connect your phone via a USB cable to your PC.

  2. Start the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

  3. Your phone won’t be detected normally in the tool. Click “My device was not detected”. Select Lumia.

  4. While the Windows Device Recovery Tool shows “Waiting for connection”, restart your phone. To do this, press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time until you feel a vibration.

  5. Watch the Windows Device Recovery Tool because it should detect your device during its reboot sequence.

  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall the software.

If you are device battery is below 25 %, you need to follow below steps and then you can proced to above steps:

Method 1: If you find your phone is not charging, we recommend putting the phone in “flashing mode” and leaving on the charger.

  1. Turn the phone off.
    • Press and hold the Power button until Slide down to power off message appears on-screen, then swipe down.
    • If that doesn’t work, press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time until you feel a vibration (about 10-15 seconds), then release the buttons. This will initiate restarting the phone.
    • You can also power off by removing and re-inserting the battery.
  2. Put the phone into “flashing mode”. To do this, press the Power button to turn the phone back on. Then immediately press and hold the Volume up button. If you see the lightning bolt / gear screen you’ve successfully entered “flashing mode”.
    • Image
  3. Plug phone into charger. Wall or A/C chargers will charge the battery faster than USB.
  4. Wait awhile. Charging in “flashing mode” does work, but it may be slower than expected.
  5. After the phone has had time to charge, restart it by pressing the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time. Then, follow the instructions under Step 2 below for recovering the phone.

Method 2: If your battery level is very low (e.g. 5% or less) and find you’re unable to get into “flashing mode” to charge your battery, here’s alternative steps some people have found helpful to get the battery to take a charge. Just note that these are manual and a little kludgy:

  1. Turn the phone off.

  2. Plug the phone into



  3. Once the Windows logo shows up, press the power button until it restarts.

  4. Rinse and repeat steps 1 through 3. While

    time consuming

    the phone will get a charge during the moments of initial start-up.

  5. After the phone gets enough charge, again try “method 1” to continue charging while the phone is in “flashing mode”.

If you are still facing any issue, let us know in comments below:

Source: Microsoft (Known issue)

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