Report: Windows 10 Mobile is under testing for OnePlus 2/3 and Xiaomi Mi5

Microsoft’s Lumia 650 is already available in the market for quite a few days. Now it seems the company is working with several other OEMs to launch new smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile. For those who do not remember, Microsoft has recently released Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 (the device comes pre-installed with Android). Several reports were claiming that Microsoft is working with more OEMs to provide Windows 10 Mobile ROM on existing or upcoming Android devices, and help to grow Windows 10 Mobile market share.

Picture Source: ITHome

Today, a new report from IThome (a popular Chinese website) claims that Microsoft is working on Windows 10 Mobile (it could be a ROM which was released for Xiaomi Mi4) version of Xiaomi Mi 5 along with OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3. It is worth to mention that Xiaomi’s Mi5 and OnePlus 3 is yet to arrive on the market, and there is some possible chance that Xiaomi and OnePlus could announce, Windows 10 Mobile variant of Mi5 and OnePlus 3 respectively.

Indeed, it is pretty exciting news as more OEMs are finally looking to build Windows 10 Mobile devices. We expect to see more growth in market share of Windows 10 Mobile after the launch of new smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile coming from big names like Xiaomi and OnePlus fingers crossed. Are you looking forward to purchasing non-Microsoft branded Windows 10 Mobile devices? Do let us know in comments below:

Source: ITHome

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Lenny Bonsignore
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