Dinamic Wallpaper is the Universal App you always wanted for setting Bing as your Lock- and Homescreen on Phones and PCs


Windows 10 Mobile has not been officially released yet and though there is one very popular feature already. Finally it is possible to automatically set your lockscreen and your homescreen without needing yu to set a new image over and over again. Thanks to the Universal Windows Platform, or UWP, which Microsoft had introduced with Windows 10 this is even more fun. This makes it possible to use the same apps on your new Windows 10 PC, Tablet and Phone.


Dinamic Wallpaper is one of these apps which is very new to the universal Windows App store and takes advantage of Microsoft’s new Universal operating system. The app is available for free on all platforms Microsoft is currently offering and can be downloaded from here. The basic feature of this app is the ability to automatically set the homescreen and lockscreen of your phone, PC or whatever Windows device to the image you want. Over and over again, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 365 days a year. There are a couple of apps for this job in the Universal Windows App Store already and I was searching for a reliable app which could do this job. I finally sticked to Dinamic Wallpaper since it is by far the best thought through and most regularly updated app for this. With reliable I mean, that if I am turning on my PC the first thing which happens is that I am getting a notification that the new Bing image has been set as my Home and lockscreen image. Same on the phone, if I am turning it on in the morning or I exit the flight mode, the first thing I get is the new Bing image, so the app is really working great.

I have to admit, that I do have a little tick which makes me want to have the Bing image on every device I am using and on every browser as a start page. Though this app is also supporting a few other services. You can either set the NASA Astronomy Picture theme with the app which will then display this image on your lockscreen or your homescreen / desktop or both depending on your needs. You can also choose to get a random new image from the popular 500px photo network everyday. There you will get to see some very nice images from day-to-day. If you think you are still the best photographer and you like looking and your own images you can also choose to use your own library where images should be taken from to set your home- and lockscreen.

In settings, the app is giving you some customization options. You can turn off the automatic updates, which would allow you to manually update to a new image. For those of you who are thinking a daily notification with the new image would be annoying can use the ability to turn off these notifications. Apart from that you can also set whether you want to update only your homescreen or your lockscreen or both. Great to see, especially if you are using the Bing Image Theme is the ability to change the region where you are in order to get the same image which is also displayed on your Bing Homepage. Last but not least you can switch between a light and a dark theme or just stick with the system settings.


If you have been looking for a beautifully designed and reliable app which can update your home- and lockscreen automatically on a regularly basis, this might be the right app for you. The app is completely free at this time and can be downloaded from the Universal Windows App Store. Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this app and stay tuned for more app recommendations and Microsoft related news in the future.

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All credit goes to Dino Borogovac, developer of this Universal Windows App.

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