Where Microsoft’s Edge Browser has the Edge


One of the new features that arrived with Windows 10 was the Edge browser, a light weight, speedy replacement to Internet Explorer which, despite being pretty competent and smooth by version 11 had never really got over the disaster that was Internet Explorer 6.

Reception to the new web tool has been mixed, personally I’m happy using it when available, and is my preferred option on Windows 10 desktop but some aren’t so keen. So it is interesting to hear examples of Edge actually being more competent than rival web browsers on competing platforms. One such situation is a website designed to crash browsers with an overload of characters in the address bar. Named CrashSafari.com it does exactly what it says on the tin, even going so far as to cause some Apple devices to reboot entirely. Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox also have trouble loading the site, as evident in the picture above, but for some reason Microsoft’s Edge browser takes it all in it’s stride, completing the page load (after some time) and displaying the “What were you expecting?” text.

This obviously doesn’t have a huge relevance, but is nice to see the new kid on the block getting a win. I did my own tests on Firefox and Xiaomi’s Mi Browser running on Android 5.0.2, the latter not even attempting to load the page and quitting the app immediately, while Firefox brought up the “Unresponsive Script” message. On the desktop Edge again loaded the page without complaint while it caused Firefox to freeze and become completely unresponsive. Internet Explorer, which is sneaks into your app list on Windows 10 for PCs, also loads the page fine. Just for the record I didn’t test Chrome as I don’t want it touching my device.

Let us know if you’ve had different results with the website found HERE, a word of warning, don’t perform the test if you are in the middle of important work (or reaching your highest score on a game) as it could cause things to become slow and even reboot your device. Have fun!

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