Speed Comparison Video: Lumia 830 Vs Redmi Note 3

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I recently put my sim card into the Redmi Note 3, the mid range, budget friendly smartphone from Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, and have been enjoying the Android experience. I am still a Lumia/Windows 10 Mobile fan, and the plan is to put the sim back into my Lumia 830 which is running an Insider Preview build of Windows 10 Mobile (version 10586.36 in the video, before the recent 10586.63 update which does speed things up a bit). So thought I’d do a speed comparison video of the two devices. It is worth noting that the Redmi Note is running an on an Octacore CPU compared to the 830’s quadcore, and was only released back in November 2015, while the Lumia goes back to September 2014. So I appreciate the Lumia 830 has an uphill task to beat the Android Lollipop device. Never the less, speed comparisons are fun, so here it is:

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