Skype Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary – Introduces Mobile Group Video Calls



Ah, Skype.

If you look back at the history of video calling, Skype is the software that comes to mind as the most memorable. It’s dominance in the space has been so prominent for so many years, it’s turned itself into its own verb, similar to “Googling”. Even with the massive amount of alternatives available such as “Google Hangouts”, “Facebook Video”, and others that have come out as rivals, Skype seems to maintain a massive lead over the competition among both business and consumer users alike.

After a seemingly endless vacation from graphical improvements and feature implementations, the company has decided to celebrate it’s 10th birthday with something that probably should have been implemented 6 years ago – group video calling over mobile.

Jaunting aside, it’s reasonable to think that phones have only recently become large enough to make use of a group video feature. Back when phone’s screens were 4 inches and smaller, video calling with even one person was still a bit of a challenge due to screen real-estate and pixel density. Since we have reached the age of tablet-sized phones, however, (remember, the “phablet” is dead. This is the norm now) it’s much more reasonable to include a group video calling feature on mobile.


In the past, other companies such as Google have chosen to handle the issue of available space by displaying only the face of the person that is talking, but Skype thinks that since screen sizes have grown so immensely, it is now reasonable to include up to 4 faces on the screen at once. While this may make individual people’s faces rather small, I personally believe that the screen size and resolution of devices in the current market will allow this implementation to be used without issue.

The feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks, but you can pre-register here if you want to take advantage of the new feature as soon as possible.


via: Skype Blog