Fitbit Blaze watch will not be fully compatible with Windows (for now)


Let out a massive moany sigh, guys. Yes, I too was really excited to hear about Fitbit’s upcoming “Blaze” smart-watch that was announced this week. Finally, I could ditch my Fitbit One and have step tracking built into a great-looking watch – two wearables in one!




But then I started to get that feeling all Windows Phone owners frequently get… creeping doubt. Doubt – despite Fitbit stating that their app runs across all three major mobile platforms – because Windows Phone is always upon always seen as the ginger-haired stepbrother of the mobile world, and we wouldn’t get all of the same features that our iOS and Android cousins will get. But maybe I was going to be proven wrong this time; their website certainly did not offer up any hints that things would be different, so I reached out to Fitbit for their reassurance that I would be able to check texts from the watch, along with my current step-count.




My first reply from them was annoyingly generic, and just stated that their app works across 200 million devices, including Windows. What, like, just Surfaces, or what? And thanks for reiterating what I just read for myself, dumbo. So I wrote again, hoping my email would land one someone’s screen at customer service who had not just graduated from Moron Academy.

This time, I struck gold, although the news wasn’t great. But it’s what I had suspected:


The fact that they say Microsoft doesn’t provide a specific kind of server just makes me think “and they won’t in the future” although, of course, I hope they do. Because that would be great!

Despite this fun info on their site without any asterisks to inform you that these features are only available to the usual duo, the news is what one expects at this point in time really.


So there you have it. Once this watch goes on sale, as per bloody usual, your iPhone and Android friends will be able to enjoy all of the possible syncing features Fitbit offers. But if you’re on Windows Phone or Windows 10 mobile, you will only get the step syncing, and if you get a text, well, you’ll have to fumble in your pocket and pull out your phone like it’s 1998.

I know they said that “they are working together” on it, but being a Windows Phone freak, I now know this means pretty much the same as “forget it, sister.” Just like Instagram. Still in beta. In 2016. STILL.