How to: Use the WhatsApp Web App in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge without entering the QR Code every time


WhatsApp is probably the most well known messaging service on the planet and a while ago the company did also announce a web app so that you don’t even need your phone to stay in contact with your WhatsApp contacts. That’s great, in order to use this feature you will have to pair your phone with the web browser or better said grand access with the phone and guess what this feature is also included in the Windows Phone app so the only thing left is the right browser.
Currently WhatsApp is supporting almost every browser apart the ones from Microsoft so you can access the web app with Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari however both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are on the black list.

Gladly there is a nice trick hidden in the developer settings of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer which allows you to get access to the Web App. It is very simple and in Internet Explorer you can, once you have accessed the web app pin the website to the task bar so that you are always able to access WhatsApp on your PC without doing the pairing procedure each time like you’d have to do with Microsoft Edge.


  1. So what we basically wanna do is to tell the WhatsApp website that we are not visiting the site with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer but with Google Chrome or any other supported browser. The cool thing is you will not need any additional software since this all works with the in build developer tools for Microsofts Browsers. So first of all head over to the WhatsApp Web App Site and once you see the site shown below right click and choose ‘Inspect Element’ which will open the developer tools.
  2. So once you have clicked on ‘Inspect Element’ go to the developer settings which have been opened in a new window and choose the menu ‘Emulation’ at the top. There you can see various options and one of them is called ‘User Agent’ string. As a default there is set Microsoft Edge of course but you can now click on it which opens a drop down menu and choose Google Chrome. The website should then refresh automatically and voila you can use the WhatsApp Web App in a non supported browser. You can now close the developer tool.
  3. The advantage of Internet Explorer
    There is one problem if you do this with Microsoft Edge, you will have to always enter the QR Code when you access the WhatsApp Web App. However there is a trick which allows you to solve this little problem. In Internet Explorer you can do exactly the same steps and once you are in the Web App simple drag the tap to the task bar so that it gets pinned to the task bar. Then you will be able to use it like you’d use a normal compatible browser without always entering the QR Code.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. Wonder why it doesn’t work normally with Edge or ie? Kinda funny, Whatsapp Web works on Windows Phone but not on IE, but doesn’t work on iPhone (unless that has been recently added) but does work on Safari. Guess it pays to be cross platform!

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